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6 Essentials for your Business Website – Roofing Company

Welcome you to our first post in our series of essentials for your business website. Series? Yes, we’re planning to do a whole series of posts just like this one where, based on research and comparison of websites of many different companies in a given business sector, we’re going to point out the most important things that affect the success of their websites (and thus business). 

The things we will pay attention to are primarily: Design, site structure, homepage, what other sub-pages they have and how they are presented, navigation, functionalities such as contact forms, call to actions, etc.; Content and how it is presented. Well, and various other flavors that affect the good reception of the website and this business.

Essentials for your Business Website… Roofing Company

In this article, we will look at finding the most important things your site must have if you are running a roofing company.

essentials for your business website

A quick word about the roofing company.

To approach the topic well, we first need to find out what defines a typical roofing company. What exactly do they do, and what services do they offer?

Roofing Company: A roofing contractor repairs and replaces roofs on homes and commercial buildings. Many roof contractors are self-employed, although some construction firms hire large numbers of roof contractors to handle major projects such as the installation of roofs on newly constructed housing projects. Roofing contractors work year-round and around the world.

So a roofing company performs such work as:

– Roof Installation

– Roof Replacement

– Roof Repair

– Storm damage Roof repair

These are the main services that a typical roofing company performs and presents on its website.

Let’s move on to the features of roofing companies. What are the characteristics and features of each roofing company?

  • Quality of service
  • Speed of service
  • Experience in their work, company history
  • Their licenses and certificates
  • Approach and ability to speak to the client
  • Easy contact with the company

Roofing Company Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people identified as likely customers of the company. 

Identifying your target audience can help you develop marketing strategies and define your core customers. Defining your target audience allows you to reach those who are most likely to buy your product or service in a more targeted and personal way.

And thanks to this we can learn how we should build our website.

Ok, I think we already have all the most important basic information about roofing companies. Now that we have all this information in one place, we can finally move on to the next step and delve more into the examples of websites and learn the details of the success of these particular websites and companies. Let’s move on to the next step!


Research, examples, and Case study of Roofing Companies

So let’s get started. In order to know what a well-made website for a roofing company should look like, we should find some examples of websites and companies that have already achieved such success. Therefore, I have prepared for us 3 examples of well-made websites for roofing companies.




What do they have in common?

The first thing that draws our attention when we look at these sites is that they have a lot in common. And that’s a good thing because we know that if some things are repeated in many different companies, it means that they work.

Therefore, let’s take a look at our examples and now focus on what should work for each roofing company’s site.

Let’s begin

What we do first is to look at the homepage, the main site of the website, where we should see all of the most important info about the company, the services they provide, and how we can contact them. What do we see?


From the very top, the first thing we see is the navigation, which in each case includes the logo, main menu, and contact to the company.

This is standard navigation, which every person browsing the Internet and various websites know and know how to use.

roofing company navigation

The logo on the left side – is posted for company identification. The first thing we see is to know who we are dealing with. Logo is a very important factor in building a company and should be carefully selected and executed.

The logo itself can make a good impression on customers and convince them to use the services. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is presented first. It catches the customer’s attention, makes a strong first impression, and is the basis of the company’s image.

Main menu – a well-organized menu greatly facilitates the user’s navigation through the site, which affects their experience of the site and your company.

In our cases, we have a simple menu structure based on the subpages on a given website (we’ll talk about subpages and structure later). The menus on our sites do their job and present additional information about the services available on the site, and allow the user to navigate through them simply and pleasantly.

Finally, we have something very important – contact information and encouragement to contact us.

This information appears on the site most often, and so it should be. Presenting contact options and constantly reminding customers that they can get in touch will catch their attention and convince them to contact us.

This is a simple trick used on most websites, which affects the conversion of our site to a very large extent.


Now let’s look at the features the homepage presents us with. What and how do our roofing companies want to convey to their customers and how do they intend to convince them?

Contact form at the top

From the very first section of our homepage, we can notice that our companies want their potential customers to contact them. In the first part of this section, the most important thing is good content, the quick transmission of the most important information that our target client WANTS to hear, advertising slogan, presentation of services, features, and validation of the company.

roofing company contact form

Right next to it, in the second part of the section, we have a contact form to be filled out by the client. This is another thing that affects conversions. The customer’s contact with us is already half of the success and our roofing companies know this very well, which is why each of them uses this tactic.


Another very important and common to all our examples is the reviews section. Sections give us, first of all, the opportunity to confirm to the customer our value in the market and the quality of our services, reviews from previous customers open the eyes of our potential customers and convince them to use our services. In addition, they improve our image, improve our position in the rankings and allow us to interact with customers.

roofing company reviews


People like to know what they are signing up for, even more so in cases like building a roof for their house. Our roofing companies know this, and each of their posts how their process is going on their homepage.

What does this give the customer? It informs them about the service they want, reassures them that it’s what they want, convinces them to use the service, prepares them to work with the company, and lets them know what to expect. This information is very important and useful for the customer and the company as well.

roofing company process

Thanks to the created and made the available process, all work is done much faster and more efficiently.

Our works 

In the case of recent works, we have a similar situation as in our process, the recent works section is needed to inform the customer, present our work and ultimately convince the customer of the service.

roofing company our works section

Recent works (or Our Works/Portfolio) is a section that helps the company to show off its work and present to customers what it really offers and what they can expect. Such a section builds the credibility of the services performed and contributes to higher conversions. This is one of the most important sections of any website of companies offering specialized services and everyone should have it.


Another common feature of our example websites is the FAQ section. No matter how clear and well-organized your site is, clients with questions are likely to have to scroll through several pages looking for the right answer, which can be annoying for a visitor who just wants a quick answer to an easy question.

roofing company faq

By collecting answers to frequently asked questions on every conceivable topic related to your business, an FAQ section gives visitors a central place to find the answers they need.


When it comes to design, looking at our examples, it’s already apparent that in the case of a roofing company, we don’t need or even want anything very distinctive.

roofing company web design

For the sake of our targeted audience’s preferences and knowledge, in this case, we aim for a clean and classic design that is easy to understand and navigate through the site. By the way, of course, we also pay attention to the basics such as properly selected font and colors. In addition, what is also very important these days and what everyone should rather know is that the website must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Site Structure

As the services offered by roofing companies are diverse and each of them has its own characteristics, so each of them has its own separate sub-page where it is described in detail so that the client knows what to expect. Our roofing companies websites are multi-page since they are very complex and have many services.

roofing company site structure

This is a suitable model for this business, which offers the possibility of even greater development. You can read about multi-page websites in our other article – here.

Research summary

Summarizing all our observations, we can conclude that our roofing companies are simple in design, but at the same time complex websites.

They are multi-page websites that have everything a website of a good, wishing to develop business should contain. We can see with the naked eye that our companies are focused on reaching out to customers and encouraging them to use their services. Very well presented content, a lot of call to action, answers to most of the customer’s questions, and showing their work. On top of that, a simple and classic design is aimed at a specific audience.

roofing company research summary

When we take it all together we have a very good business website, which MUST bring us customers and profits. So now let’s summarize these things and list what are your Website Essentials when you own a roofing company.

Essentials for roofing company website

1. Simple Traditional Navigation

The first and most important thing that should be found on our roofing company website should be traditional and simple navigation. Keeping in mind our audience (which includes men aged 30-50) we should target just that.

A simple menu that maks it easy to navigate the site, contact information that informs and encourages people to get in touch, and a logo that identifies the company is the eperfect combination for your roofing company navigation.

2. Simple Minimalistic Design

In our personal opinion, most websites should focus primarily on a good presentation of the offer to the customer. Therefore, the design of our site should be minimalistic and focused on the effective communication of information. This also applies to the case discussed in this post, namely roofing companies.

3. Contact Form at the Top

Another thing our site needs is a Contact form at the top of the page. Since we want to make it easier for our customers to contact us, encourage them to do so, ask questions and use our services, the first thing we should include on our home page is a Contact Form.

4. Reviews

What builds more trust than positive feedback about your company? There are few such things. That’s why one of the most important sections on your site that can’t be missing is the reviews section. Thanks to this very section your potential customer will have an insight into whether you are trustworthy.

5. Process Section

The section with the process of your service is essential because, in the case of your industry, it greatly affects customer conversions. The customer wants to know what the whole process of your work looks like, they want to know what they should prepare for and they want to make sure it’s what they expect and what suits them. Thanks to the process section your contact and work with the customer becomes easier.

6. Our Works

The last of the essentials of your roofing company website is a page/section with your recent work. A section where you can show off your work, present not only in words but also in pictures how your work looks like. You will allow the customer to assess whether it is something they are looking for and convince them ultimately that it is you and your services they should choose.


Oookay, so we finally got what we wanted. After our long research and in-depth analysis, we found our 6 Essentials for the roofing company website.

To quickly summarize our article. What we aim for when building a roofing company website is to present the service easily, recommend the contact to the user as soon as possible, and build trust with the user, which will convert him from a potential customer to a client.

These are the things you should pay attention to when building a site of this type, and we hope this article will help you at least a little.

We invite you to read more posts in this new series as well as others, and well, we’ll see you in the next post.

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