Who was the Client

In 2021, Stajnia u Liskow, a local backyard horse stable, appeared to the world. The history of the stable goes back several years, but as a newly established company, it has only been in existence for a year. And we were put in charge of creating a brand that will make its presence felt locally and on the internet.


Stajnia u Liskow is primarily engaged in horseback riding lessons and hippotherapy. Many children, as well as adults, come to the stable wanting to spend as much time as possible with horses, learning about them and taking care of them. Other services that our client provides include organizing vacations in the stable for children and organizing various special events.


Clients Goals

Our client’s goal was simple but not easy. We had to create a brand that will appear on the web, drive traffic to the stable and will be associated with a friendly atmosphere, active spending of time outdoors together with horses, and having a good and professional approach to learning horseback riding for the youngest as well as adults.


The Problem we had to solve

Building the brand of Stajnia u Liskow the biggest problem was that we had to start everything from scratch, we had a blank page in front of us, and that motivated and excited us to work. Before we took care of content marketing, advertising, building social media, etc. the only place from where people found out about the stable at foxes was through referrals and passing by, and we had to change that.

listing traffic increase

Make the Solution

So, to solve our problem and meet the goals and expectations of our client we had a lot of work to do. As mentioned earlier, we had to start everything from scratch, so the steps we had to take were:

  • Choose the look of the brand (colors and font),
  • Design brand logo,
  • Research the competition
  • Create content marketing strategy (for the whole project)
  • Create content for the website
  • Create website design
  • Create a website
  • Create social media profiles
  • Final fulfillment of social media and website
  • Putting all live on the web

Our work does not end there, as we continue to work with Stajnia u Liskow and take care of the proper functioning of their website and content and social media marketing, the things we are constantly working on include:

  • Fixing bugs on the site
  • Updating the site
  • Adding and creating new content for the website (new sub-pages, features, banners, images, etc.)
  • Adding and creating new content for social media (posts, videos, photos, ads, infographics, vouchers, etc.)
  • Taking videos and photos in the stable
  • Creating promotional videos

See the Results

Ultimately, the result of our work met the client’s expectations and we achieved our goals. Stajnia u Liskow, has a stable customer base, every day we notice activity on social media as well as on the website, there are more and more interested parties, and the recognition has also increased significantly. Of course, this is not the end because their business is growing significantly all the time, with which we are also pleased and glad that we could contribute to the development of such a great business.


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So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.
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